Orou Sapulot

Hidden World of North Borneo

What and where is Orou Sapulot?

Nestled deep within the rugged terrain of Sabah, Borneo, Orou Sapulot holds profound significance as a community-based eco-tourism project initiated by Dr. Richard Sakian Gunting—a Murut Tribe descendant and the visionary behind this website, borneo.tours. Derived from the Murut language, "OROU" translates to "SUN," symbolizing the project's mission to illuminate and revitalize the conservation of flora, fauna, and fading Murut cultures in the region. Additionally, the project aims to address environmental threats such as illegal logging and cultural losses due to modernization, which have endangered the delicate balance of the ecosystem and traditional Murut way of life.

The whole concept of OROU

is based on providing our clients a chance to time travel back in time to nature and rural living but with sufficient basic amenities. Not only is one able to indulge the beauty of Mother Nature to the fullest but also experience the other wonders and challenging activities which are offered within the Sapulot - Logongon area.

Community project effort

OROU Sapulot is actively involved in partnership programs with the villagers of Sapulot. One of the main goals of these programs is to offer the villagers opportunities for generating income. The expected direct and indirect impacts on participating villagers include enhanced livelihoods, educational opportunities, strengthened cultural preservation, and improved environmental stewardship. By engaging local residents in sustainable tourism practices, OROU aims to foster a sense of ownership and pride in their natural heritage, while also promoting a model of eco-tourism that benefits both the community and the ecosystem.